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We help you to protect your privacy

Do you store personal information and data on your computer or the cloud ?
But is it protected ?
What if a hacker gains access ?

Encryption hides the content of your files.
Only you can see what is in them.

Encryption for everyone

Don't wait for Apple or Google or Microsoft to encrypt your files.
Do it yourself !

Encryption uses a key to lock your files: make sure only you have the key !

Encryption can be simple and easy to use

Here (on this website) you will find the tools to easily encrypt your files.
And, of course, our tools allow you to decrypt the same files with your key !

We offer free and easy to use encryption and decryption tools.
Anybody can use it ! Nothing to install on your computer: conveniently run on our website.

Our tools let you manage your files securely

And for our members we offer a full range of advanced encryption using the latest algorithms and super key strength !

Our members have multiple ways to handle and store their files.
Since "keys" are the "key" to the privacy of your files, we offer multiple ways to create, upload, maintain, and store keys.

We help you keep your keys safe !

Ege Consulting Inc.
Your Source for Cyber Security